12 Principles of SQ

12 Principles of SQ

How do you get leaders to learn to act from higher motivations that positively influence others and profit?
By learning about our different quotients (Q’s), also known as our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual intelligences, we can lead more sustainably and live more fulfilled lives.

One way to do this is to learn the 12 principles of spiritual intelligence (SQ). Leaders that have done this have been able to apply these principles and are able to positively influence those they work with. They become role models for more sustainable behavior that results in a positive work culture.

The below is more detail of the 12 principles of SQ:

Another way is to make people conscious of the motivations that drive their behavior. Most leaders are NOT aware of the lower motivations that are leading them such as, fear, greed, power, ego, etc. When leaders are asked to take a motivation test they usually come out smelling like a rose, because most people think our motivations are high. But in a dialogue group or a coaching session where people are listening to and observing each other, the group or coach can help create a greater awareness of what is truly motivating each person’s behavior.

Dialogue groups and coaching sessions can be done at various levels—a team, an entire organization, a culture, a nation—to uncover the motivations of the people involved.