Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement

Danah regularly speaks at leadership forums and works with corporate leadership teams worldwide. She has worked with the leadership initiatives of both local and national governments. She established The Oxford Academy of Total Intelligence as an educational centre and consultancy, with a mission to create a sustainable future for society through the development of corporate and organizational leadership, purpose and motivation.

Each presentation by Danah Zohar is a unique experience that is tailor made to address specific needs. Whatever your requirements, we will customize material that is guaranteed to transform participants lives professionally and personally.

Examples of previous speaking topics:

  • Transformative Leadership: leading with vision, values, and a sense of higher purpose
  • Spiritually Intelligent Leadership: how leaders can raise their own and employees’ motivations using the 12 principles of spiritual intelligence.
  • Path to Quantum Leadership: seven qualities of great leadership inspired by seven principles of the new science.
  • Sustainable Capitalism: moving away from an emphasis on consumption and constant growth, and a philosophy of ‘I have, therefore I am’; how making the right moral choices and choosing a dedication to improve the quality of life can transform capitalism.
  • Rewiring the Corporate Brain: we can alter the thinking behind business thinking and raise the intelligence of corporate culture.
  • Total Intelligence: how, by perfecting and aligning our physical, emotional, rational, and spiritual intelligences we can live our whole lives at peak performance.
  • A Quantum-Leap in Global Consciousness: how a break through to higher intelligence (’Total Intelligence’) can move humanity beyond localized and divisive tribalism, and an ethic of narrow self-interest, to a more holistic, compassionate, and all-embracing spirit of global citizenship and responsibility.
  • Total Intelligence and the Fulfillment of Human Potential: considering the meaning, purpose, and perfection of human beings and human agency.
  • Danah Zohar focuses on giving bespoke presentations and workshops to meet specific client’s needs.
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