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    What is SQ?

    Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is unfortunately often overlooked in coaching and development. It is the trigger and key to great leadership, which motivates us to lead from higher motivations.

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    Spiritual Capital

    Spiritual intelligence (SQ), spiritual capital, and sustainability are crucially linked. Spiritual capital reflects what an individual or an organization exists for, believes in, aspires to, and takes responsibility for.

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  • books


    Find out more about Danah's best selling books such as Spiritual Capital and SQ - Spiritual Intelligence, which constitute ground-breaking work and much more.

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  • video


    Danah Zohar has been invited to speak widely throughout the world. Click to see one of her videos that capture her captivating speaking abilities and distinct knowledge.

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    What’s new?

    Stay tuned for the launch of Danah's latest work in Total intelligence (TQ), which captures the essence of her work over the decades and the Q's necessary for great leadership.

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  • what is Q?

    What is Q?

    Q also symbolizes how our soul is constantly serving as a “cue” or compass to guide us to truth. If we learn to access and listen to our souls and hearts more, we can continuously use it as our “Q” to help us lead a more fulfilled and sustainable

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    Video of Danah’s Lectures

    Discover how Danah is changing the world, and even outer space! These selective videos have been produced around the world. See how Danah influences leaders and their organizations.

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    Q’s for great leadership?

    We all spend life looking for happiness and a greater meaning to our lives. Also known as a “story” that gives direction to our life. This site offers such a story and the various Q tools to achieve this. It extends the principles of quantum physics into a new understanding of human consciousness, psychology and spirituality for great leadership.

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    Power of Q!

    Danah regularly speaks at leadership forums and works with corporate leadership teams worldwide. She has worked with the leadership initiatives of both local and national governments. She explains how to apply principles from quantum physics and complexity science with approachable clarity that makes them alive and exciting for the audience.

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  • Q Quote to Ponder

    Q Quote to Ponder

    “Each of us makes the epoch in which we live. Each of us is responsible for the world.” Carl Jung

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