About Q’s

Q stands for the integration of many things that are near and dear to Danah Zohar’s heart and work.

Q = Quantum physics, Questioning our lives, and Quest for happiness. 

Q also symbolizes how our soul is constantly serving as a “cue” or compass to guide us to truth. If we learn to access and listen to our souls and hearts more, we can continuously use it as our “Q” to help us live happier professionally and personally.

This can be done by learning about our different Quotients that measure our intellectual (IQ), emotional (EQ), spiritual (SQ) and physical (PQ) intelligences. One way to do this is to learn the 12 principles of spiritual intelligence (SQ). Leaders that have done this have been able to apply these principles and are happier. They are able to positively influence those they work with. They become better role models for more sustainable behavior, which results in a positive work culture that is ultimately more profitable.

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