Training & Development

At the core of Danah’s work is learning and unveiling your spiritual intelligence (SQ). Spiritual intelligence is not about religion, it is the intelligence with which we access our deepest meanings, values, purposes and highest motivations to lead great and live more fulfilled. Danah and her team offer a series of tailor made sessions to help train and develop more vision and value led leaders. Below are some of her popular offerings:

  • Full-day Master Class
    • Target audience is senior executives who are ready to think deeply about the future business success of their organization. It is for people in Strategy, HR and senior positions who believe that ‘soft’ issues are really very hard.
    • The session will offer participants the insight and practical tools they need to change the way their organizations support, engage and value their people.
    • Zohar will present a new way to diagnose the motivational and emotional state of a culture based on spiritual intelligence.
    • Main focus will be a detailed investigation of the way three types of intelligence – rational, emotional and spiritual can be assessed, developed and integrated to maximize organizational performance at all levels, from the individual to the entire organization.
  • Reawakening Leaders Session
    • Maximizing individual performance through understanding the relationship between IQ, EQ and SQ.
    • Provides senior managers and leaders with the insight and practical tools they need to transform the way they lead for sustainable and peak development.
    • The session involves a great deal of personal work with Danah Zohar to assess your individual leadership skills and areas of improvement.
    • Participants will work in small groups with Danah to explore tangible ideas and examples that can be applied by the individual leader for maximum professional and personal effect.
  • Other Trainings
    • Two days of intensive, residential workshop/retreats
    • Four hours of personal coaching on assessing your Q principles
    • ½ day teaching session on coaching/mentoring with Q concepts
    • Small group and personal executive coaching is also available on request

For more information about training services please email Danah Zohar,