Scale of Motivations?


What motivations are driving business leaders?

A majority of business leaders are operating from the four negative motivations of fear, greed, anger, and self-assertion. However, most leaders are NOT aware of the lower motivations that are leading them. In fact, when leaders are asked to take a motivation test they usually come out smelling like a rose, because a majority of leaders perceive their motivations are positive.

Therefore, through facilitated dialogue groups or coaching sessions where people are listening to and observing each other, the group or coach can help awaken leaders and make them more conscious of their negative motivations. As well as provide insight into how to transform their negative motivations to more positive motivations that will result in more sustainable and profitable organizations.

The only thing that can change behavior driven by negative motivations is behavior driven by higher, positive motivations—exploration, cooperation, personal and situational mastery, creativity and higher service. Business leaders must become servant leaders that serve employees, customers, the community, the planet, humanity, future generations, and life itself. This new leadership ethic will require a revolution. Not a revolution with guns and bullets, and, God forbid, not a regulatory revolution, but a revolution in thought, and a consequent revolution in moral behavior.

Business must become a vocation, like the higher professions, and capitalists’ sense of wealth creation must expand to include spiritual capital—wealth accrued by leaders that act on their highest aspirations and deepest values.

Visit the "Q Quiz" section on this website to take an SQ assessment, which will help you become more conscious of your lower motivations (i.e. fear, greed, ego) and how to transform them to higher motivations that are more sustainable (i.e. creativity, serving the community, etc.).

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