SQ and Quantum Leadership

20 – 24 February 2017, Oxford, UK


“The SQ training course has helped me to provide my clients with an excellent science-based framework to lead their companies. It was the essential link to bring leading edge science and leadership together.” Bert Overlack, Germany



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Leaders are now searching for a sense of meaning in their personal and professional lives. The things that are meaningful to leaders and the things that they most deeply value are what motivate them in their lives, their work and their leadership. They give leaders a sense of purpose and direction. They give leaders’ own lives clarity and vitality, and when they bring them into their relationships they motivate and inspire others.

SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE is our meaning-centred intelligence. It draws on our need for and our access to deep meaning, vision, values, and an over-arching sense of purpose in our lives and leadership. It is the intelligence that makes us whole, the intelligence that tells us who we are and what our lives are about.

When leaders develop SQ in themselves, they become more effective as human beings. When they have done so, they will feel it as a vocation (a “calling”) to take it into their leadership. They will be able to take SQ into their leadership. They will be able to offer their organizations a sense of vision and purpose, their colleagues and employees a sense of meaning. SQ gives leaders the skills necessary to build spiritual capital for themselves and for their organizations. Neither spiritual intelligence nor spiritual capital has any necessary connection with religious belief or practice.

ziga_vavpotic_2“Danah is a genius and a star. Her training opens the view not only to the future but also to the sky. She’s simply outstanding! I often use her knowledge when I run my own workshops.” Ziga Vavpotic, Slovenia



100x100_A“A mind-blowing week of Einstein meets Mandela. A total paradigm shift for me personally. Quantum rocks!” Robin DeWaal, Dutch Police, The Netherlands


QUANTUM LEADERSHIP: Corporate and public leadership face the need for a quantum leap in their thinking about the structure and leadership of organizations. They face the greatest technological upheaval and the greatest need for creative restructuring since the Industrial Revolution. Without clearly recognizing it, corporate and public leaders are challenged by external forces to build a radically new leadership culture from the ground up.


This new culture must define a new leadership paradigm that can deal creatively with rapid change, uncertainty, global interconnectivity, de-centralization, and greater demands for ethics and meaning from both employees and customers. This requires not just new thinking, new metaphors, new assumptions, and new values. There is no more powerful model for such a paradigm shift than the revolution in scientific thinking that gave us quantum physics, chaos, and complexity science.

Quantum leadership is leadership informed by quantum thinking and guided by the defining principles of quantum physics. Quantum leaders use both/and thinking, they think ahead by formulating many scenarios for what the future might hold, encourage questions and experiments, and thrive on uncertainty. Quantum leaders have used the defining principles of spiritual intelligence to nurture a higher, quantum intelligence.

This premier and unique training course, led by Danah Zohar, will equip participants with the skills, competence, and materials to enhance their spiritual intelligence and quantum leadership and to apply the Quantum Systems Dynamics methodology in their own or their clients’ organisations.

Pieter_Barnard_2“This course changed my life forever. Not just was Oxford a spiritual experience but this course helped me to define who I am. It stretched my whole being and enabled me to make peace with lots of things deep inside my inner self. A must for every leader.” Pieter Barnard, NeuroLeaders, South Africa


100x100_A“The ideas around spiritual intelligence have changed my life and practice. I attended the 5-day course with Danah in 2011 and it added meaning to my work with individuals and companies. The work is so applicable and meaningful in different domains of my work, especially corporate training and coaching, therapy, facilitation and spiritual coaching.” Andre Kilian, Coach and Growth Facilitator, South Africa

WHAT the course covers: teaching, dialogue, exercises, and course materials to convey the key principles from Danah’s work and explain relevant concepts and evidence from quantum physics and neuroscience; and how to apply the Quantum Systems Dynamics methodology in addressing a range of problem situations from strategic organisational development to team dynamics and individual decision-making.

The first two days of the course will cover personal development using SQ and the quantum self. This will be followed by a morning session on understanding and using the SQ Self-Report Questionnaire and report, led by Anna Marshall. That afternoon will offer an optional afternoon tour of historic Oxford, and a traditional “pub crawl”. The final two days will cover the essentials of quantum leadership.

The course will guide participants in enhancing their own (and their clients’) vision, values, motivation, sense of purpose, and vocation, adding value to their personal lives and enabling them to become “quantum leaders” within their organizations.


– General introduction and historical perspective – how “thinking-as-usual and business-as-usual were dominated by Newtonian world view;
– Contrasting the 8 defining principles of quantum physics with those of Newtonian physics:
. atomism vs holism
. isolation vs contextualism
. reductionism vs emergence
. certainty vs indeterminism
. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: answers vs questions
. Passive witnesses vs Participatory Universe: “observer effect”
. Either/or vs both/and: “complimentarity” and “superpositions”
. Actuality vs potentiality: Explicate/Implicate Orders; quantum vacuum.

– The person that I am; “particle” aspect of self;
– The relationships that I am; wave aspect of self;
– The Deep Self: the “wave function” of the self;
– The responsible self;
– The creative self;
– Four Questions:
. Where do I come from?
. Who am I?
. Why am I here?
. What should I do?

3) THREE KINDS OF THINKING (” Quantum Neuroscience”)
– IQ: The left brain, logical thinking;
– EQ: The right brain, associative thinking;
– SQ: The whole brain, quantum thinking
– 5 Thinking Skills
. Creative thinking;
. Intuitive thinking;
. Reflective thinking;
. Critical thinking;
. Moral maturity

– Complex Adaptive Systems: living quantum systems
– The 12 principles of SQ
. Self-Awareness
. Vision, Value, and Meaning led
. Spontaneity
. Being holistic
. Field-Independence: critical thinking
. Humility
. Ability to reframe: being “at the edge”
. Asking fundamental questions
. Celebration of diversity
. Positive use of adversity
. Compassion
. Sense of vocation (purpose)

– Self-assertion v. Exploration
– Anger v. Gregariousness/Cooperation
– Craving/Greed v. Power Within
– Fear v. Mastery
– Anguish v. Genrativity
– Apathy v. Higher Service
– Guilt/Shame v. “World Soul”
– Disintegration v. Serenity

– The motivations, values, and principles that drive human systems;
– The features of Quantum Organizations:
. Self-organizing
. Holistic
. In dialogue with wider environment
. Exploratory
. Emergent (whole greater than sum of parts)
. Experimental/Innovative
. At edge of chaos

7) THE QUANTUM LEADER: a summary session drawing all the material together in defining qualities of leadership.

All those completing the course will receive a Certificate of Professional Development and will be competent to apply the methodology in their own or their clients’ organisations. Those completing this course will also have completed the first stage of Master Trainer Certification.

WHO can benefit from this course: The course is best suited to practising professionals working as consultants, trainers, coaches, educators, or HR personnel in either the public or private sectors, and also senior business leaders trying to reconcile short-term expectations with the creation of long-term value. Alumni of Danah Zohar’s Oxford courses comprise an international network of professionals and senior executives from a range of industry sectors.

WHERE: Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel, Oxford, UK. A charming, traditional English hotel on the banks of the Thames River. Leisure club offers swimming and all keep-fit facilities. Beautiful walks near by.


WHEN: Monday 20 February 2017 – Friday 24 February 2017. Participants should arrive the evening of Sunday 19 February for a brief introductory session with Danah and dinner with your fellow participants.

COST: Cost of course including all training materials: GBP 2,500 including VAT; 5 nights/days food and accommodation: GBP 950 including VAT. (Total cost: GBP 3450 including VAT. The VAT may be omitted for those registered in the EU for VAT and able to provide a valid VAT-ID registration number.) GBP 500 Early-Bird Discount where Deposit paid before 1st December 2016 (i.e. total cost of GBP 2950 including VAT).

APPLICATION: Applicants should submit a brief description of their career and professional activities to date, their broader interests outside of work, and their hopes and desired outcomes from taking the course. Send this to bookings@danahzohar.com.

Only 25 places are available on this course and early application is recommended. The deadline for application is 15 January 2017.

PAYMENT: A deposit of £950 including VAT is payable to reserve your place on the course. The deposit is non-refundable except in the event the course is cancelled. The balance is required by 31 January 2017. Details of payment will be sent on receiving application. Please note that where the balance is not received by 31 January, the full application course fee applies and no Early-Bird Discount will apply.

FACILITATOR TEAM: The course will be led by Danah Zohar with Anna Marshall.

DANAH ZOHAR has been described by Financial Times Prentice Hall as one of the world’s top “business minds”. A physicist, philosopher, and management thought leader, she was educated at MIT and Harvard. She is the author of nine books relating the thinking of quantum physics and complex adaptive systems to such diverse topics as psychology, society and organisational leadership. Among these are The Quantum Self, The Quantum Society, Rewiring the Corporate Brain, and Spiritual Capital.

Danah has taught at leading business schools in the UK, Australia, and Eastern Europe. For several years she was on the faculty of Shell’s “Challenges for Change” leadership programme and of Oxford University’s “Strategic Leadership Programme”. She has done presentations, seminars, and training programmes for business organizations throughout the world. Among these are Shell, Motorola, BMW, Nokia, McKinsey, Volvo, Astra Pharmaceutical, Coca-Cola, Norwich Union Financial Services, and NASA. She has also worked with The British Cabinet Office, UNESCO, and the Davos World Economic Forum.

ANNA MARSHALL Anna is Danah’s daughter and collaborator. She is a trained coach and facilitator and has worked with Danah for three years.


ShellDanah Zohar’s quantum approach to leadership was breath-taking. Bring her back please!”

Shell USA Leadership Council



LEO_BURKE2“Danah Zohar puts forward a new model for structure, leadership, and learning within organizations that allow them to thrive on uncertainty, deal creatively with rapid change, and realize the full potential of those who lead or work within them. Her work is insightful, provocative, and immensely practical.”

Leo Burke, Former Director, College of Leadership and Transcultural Studies, Motorola University

100x100_A“The ‘quantum approach’ that Danah Zohar introduces is extremely interesting. The possibility of achieving new and unique abilities from a group of people by creating a system of competencies – teams of teams – is thrilling. It has been a great inspiration during our implementation of new working methods.”

Anna Nilsson-Ehle, Vice-President, Change Management, Volvo


“Danah Zohar puts our business processes and interactions and leadership styles within a larger scientific framework. She shows how business people can use this to see patterns that exist in the more complex situations that the new pace, scale, and advanced technologies have developed within our companies.”

Lord Andrew Stone, Former Managing Director, Marks & Spencer PLC


“Quantum intelligence adds new and important perspectives to what intelligence really is and how we can use it to redesign our organizations and how to move boundaries.”

Mats Lederhausen, Former Vice-President, Strategy, McDonald’s Corporation