Rewiring the Corporate Brain

Drawing on a solid background in the new sciences, Danah Zohar writes with skill and breadth about the implications of the new sciences, and brings her insights home in ways that are practical and applicable to the management of organizations. Rewiring the Corporate Brain relates quantum and chaos thinking directly to organizational problems and challenges facing corporate leaders. Drawing on the science of the human brain, with its three different kinds of neural structures – mental, emotional and spiritual – Zohar illustrates how we can exercise the full creative capacities of the “corporate brain.”

Zohar puts forward a new model for structure, leadership, and learning within organizations that allows them to:

  • thrive on uncertainty,
  • deal creatively with rapid change, and
  • realize the full potential of those who lead or work within them.

Rewiring the Corporate Brain offers a genuinely new conceptual structure for a fundamental transformation in corporate thinking and leadership, along with suggestions for structural implementation. Rewiring the Corporate Brain makes a new paradigm scientific thinking accessible, practical, and inspiring to business readers.

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