Spiritual Capital

Spiritual intelligence (SQ), spiritual capital, and sustainability are crucially linked.

SQ is our intelligence that we access to define our life purpose and search for meaning. Therefore, spiritual capital reflects a leader’s or an organization’s spiritual intelligence because it reflects what it exists for, believes in, aspires to, and takes responsibility for.

Thus a leader’s level of spiritual intelligence (SQ)has a direct impact on the spiritual capital generated. Spirituals capital’s wealth of meaning, values and higher motivation are necessary for sustainable capitalism and sustainable society.

Imagine two scenarios. The first is business as we know it today – all short-term interest, short-term gain, isolationist thinking, with the material bottom line as king. The second image is a business culture driven by fundamental values and a deep sense of purpose in which wealth is accumulated to generate a decent profit while acting to raise the common good. The emphasis is on ‘stake-holder value’, where stake-holders include the human race, present and future, and the planet itself. These are the values of Spiritual Capital. The crucial question is: How we can move from one scenario to the other?

In order to move from scenario one (bottom-line, destructive business) to scenario two (sustainable business), we need to consider three types of intelligence to make the leap. Intellectual intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are needed to diagnose the current state, and then the twelve qualities of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) can be used to bring about the final transformation. Using the combination of our different intelligences, IQ, EQ, and SQ, a more meaningful work life can be created that will result in sustainable capitalism.

The following table reflects the connection between three kinds of capital (material, social and spiritual) and three major human intelligences (IQ, EQ and SQ):

Capital Intelligence Function
Material Capital IQ: Rational Intelligence What I think
Social Capital EQ: Emotional Intelligence What I feel
Spiritual Capital SQ: Spiritual Intelligence What I am

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