Q’s for great leadership?

We all spend life looking for happiness and a greater meaning to our lives. Also known as a “story” that gives direction to our life. This site offers such a story and the various Q tools to achieve this, drawn from the wider paradigm of quantum physics, the world’s great spiritual traditions, and capitalism.

For over a century we have been aware of IQ (intelligence quotient). With the publication of a best-selling book by Daniel Goleman, we became aware of emotional intelligence (EQ). However, Danah Zohar, author and educator, takes intelligence to a deeper layer and unveils a new type of intelligence called SQ, spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is not necessarily about being religious. It is about the human need and talent for finding meaning in experience. It is the force underlying religion, and much else besides. So SQ is more than one last buzz word or a new age word. Through the integration of modern science, Zohar provides empirical evidence in brain physiology the importance of SQ. She finds that SQ is the center of human nature and without it we are lost, since it would mean existence without meaning.

In her most recent work, Spiritual Capital: Wealth We Can Live By, the concept of spiritual intelligence is positively applied to the business world. The sustainable vision for capitalism is rooted in a values-based culture in which businesses generate a decent profit while acting to raise the common good and ensure the sustainability of their enterprises.

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